Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wince Farter and Boners Boners

First off, the title of this post is not crude. Well it is but the back story isn't so much, plus it's funny so I decided to add it (as always, something seemingly unrelated will relate to something in the end of my post).

During the middle of my university experimentation I took a class with Beavis in the department of philosophy called Logic. We passed the course but not without renaming one of the logical sequences from Modus Ponens to Boners Boners.

Remembering this monumental moment in my life I realized how our whole lives revolve around renaming things to something funnier or easier to remember. I'm not sure if I should call this a talent, but for the sake of ease (because we all care about ease's sake) I WILL call it a 'talent'. The talent even extends beyond my own memory at times as exemplified in the case of Schwann's red headed friend, Poonjabbi (or something like that). Apparently I called him Poonjabbi once and it stuck, I was reminded that I created the name 2 years later with no recollection whatsoever. This talent isn't exclusively mine by any stretch. I feel like The paddies boys and friends all have this and utilize it more than the average individual.

The Wince Farter part of the title is just for fun. I read it on raptorsrepublic recently and laughed my head off. And pictured in my head the above picture. It's funny because the big farts are often preceeded by a wince.

One of my favorite things on the planet earth is to play church ball. I have been thinking about church ball alot lately and wish that we all lived in closer proximity so that we could play on a regular basis. So in light of name calling and churchball, What would be the utlimate 5 on 5 churchball game?

I think it would be something like this:

Team 1:
sf-The Luckiest David/Clarke (what's clarke's nickname?)
pf-Razr/ Zack Jensen
C-Ladders/ Dwight Howard

Team 2:
pg- Miller Regent/ Little Steve
sg- Beavis / Jamario Luigi
sf- The Grey Nathan/ Spanchy Starrow
pf- Milk/ The Gorilla/ Pants/ Time/ Camela Anderson/ Camgina
C- Dirk Nowitzky. I mean, Fats/ Big Steve

I think this roster would give the best combination of funny, fun and competitiveness to a churchball game. Key combinations are 4 grads 4 buddies, The walkers, The Hales minus Beavis, Big and little steve and the Hydes. There's alot of people I may have forgottent about but these are the ones that usually show up, plus theres alot of room for changes and I want to see what you guys would organize. What would your ultimate churchball game rosters look like?

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  1. This is actually Beavis.

    As Nikole was reading the latest Patrick's Pads post (by the Grey), I couldn't help but notice Wince Farter and Boners Boners. And somehow Boners Boners sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember why. I'm glad I opened this article as a reminder that it is NOT in fact Modus Ponens but Boners Boners. It has completed my Halloween.