Monday, September 22, 2014

I still like the NBA

Hey Paddies,

I still follow and love the NBA. I also remembered that this blog was one of my more enjoyable hobbies (2 years ago!!!). As this new 2014/15 season approaches I really hope to revive this blog even if I am the only one that is writing new posts. So to get started, I have controversial predictions.

First, Paul Pierce will not make the Washington Wizards better - in fact they will be a worse team than last year.

PP is aging and hasn't been an effective SF since he left Boston. The only reason he made things interesting in Brooklyn was because he became a new-age small ball PF and stretched the offensive floor for everyone else. Going to Washington he will move back to the SF spot where he's a step too slow defensively - which is the opposite of what they just came from in Trevor Ariza (and  don't forget that defense is what made them successful).

Second, Lance Stephenson will poop all over the Hornets.

I hate to say it (because I love everything about the change from Bobcats to Hornets) but I think that Stephenson is a headcase that was only held in check by not being 'the guy' in Indiana. Give him the keys to the franchise and he will kill what momentum they had last year. Not to mention he doesn't make sense for their team... they need outside shooting. Out of Kemba Walker, Stephenson, MKG, Cody Zeller and Al Jefferson only ONE (walker) is a decent 3pt shooter. I hope I'm wrong, but they could be horrible on offense..

And that's All I got. As I write more little posts my goal is to both spawn interest and get better at writing quality. I feel like this is an easy and fun hobbie to have and if any paddie would like to contribute (including and outside of the original 4) just ask and I can make you a contributor.

Thanks for reading you losers.

Now disagree with my controversial predictions.