Monday, September 6, 2010

Fats' Exciting List

So as I'm sure you will all figure out as this blog goes along that I like making lists. They just seem to work well with my brain or somthing like that. So while I was thinking of what to write for my next post, the first thing that popped into my head was to make another list. I also remembered another article on a while back that talked about what they were looking forward to for the upcoming season. So I set out to make a list of the 50 things that I was most loking forward to for the 2010-11 NBA season. I first thought that I might not make it to 50, as that is a lot of different things, but I got to about 40 in like 10 minutes and figured that I could easily find 10 more things.

So this list is quite personal. I'm sure there will be some things on the list that many of you are looking forward to as well, and some that you may not agree with, which is just fine. That's what this is all about. Also, since my list is pretty long, each of the points are very short. It's just a fun list to get excited about for the upcoming season, as not a whole lot is going on right now, other than crappy role players getting signed only to be cut during the preseason, and the world championships, which isn't even being broadcast on NBA TV. Sucky!

So, in no particular order, here are the 50 things that I am looking forward to during the 2010-11 NBA season:

1) NBA and ESPN power rankings
2) EJ, Kenny and Charles
3) Crazy Buzzer Beaters
4) Not having WNBA games on the Raptor's channel
5) Getting more Raptor's games on Sportsnet
6) Continued trade talkes surrounding Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony
7)'s top 10 plays
8) Watching the sweet NBA commercials
9) Around the Horn and PTI talking about basketball topics
10) Matt Devlin and Jack Armstrong
11) 5 games in a row on Christmas Day
12) A real reason to wear my Dirk jersey
13) Lebron returning to Cleveland
14) Bosh returning to Toronto
15) Seeing Blake Griffen do a huge dunk on someone
16) Giant Dwight Howard blocks
17) The trade deadline
18) Actually being able to watch the Thunder on TV
19) Possibly going to see a Raptor's game in Toronto
20) Seeing one good dunk at the dunk contest
21) Wondering why Darko Milicic, Zaza Pachulia and Larry Hughes are on the All-Star ballot
22) Being able to watch court cuts at Christmas time (since I don't have The Score at home)
23) Seeing Dallas finally win the title (hopefully!)
24) The three point contest
25) Seeing how much everyone hates the Miami Heat
26) Having actual basketball stuff to write about for this blog
27) Trying to teach Jacquie (my wife for those of you who don't know her) to recogonize more NBA players
28) Another competitive All-Star game
29) The playoffs
30) The first regular season games overseas (even if the teams suck, and yes Miller Regent, the Raptors will suck this year)
31) Seeing one crappy team start out well and reading other "experts" explain how they can keep it up when I know they really suck
32) Any Dallas-San Antonio game
33) Watching the Heat try to get 70+ wins
34) Staying updated on injuries throughout the season
35) Barron Davis' beard
36) Seeing how old Greg Oden looks this year
37) Watching the Timberwolves try not to be the worst team ever
38) Game winning shots
39) The rookie game
40) End of the year awards
41) Seeing all the new players in their different jerseys
42) Seeing Jacquie ooh and aah over Dwight Howard's shoulders
43) Daily updates on the playoff race
44) Watching the TSN ticker for NBA scores and stats every morning
45) "Fear the Deer"
46) Finally being able to fill my sports cravings with something other than baseball and soccer
47) A healthy season for the Blazers (hopefully!)
48) More Bill Simmons NBA articles
49) Shaq in the Celtic green
50) Being able to watch NBA games with my son


  1. My 3 biggest anticipations for the season:
    1) Driving to Utah December 8th to see Miami play at the ESA
    2) Seeing how Jefferson fits with the Jazz (They still aren't selling his Jazz jerseys on the NBA store, only at Fanzz, which doesn't ship to Canada).
    3) Ordering an additional cable package which includes The Score and Sportsnet so I can watch more games on TV

    What's the real reason to wear your Dirk jersey? Because the NBA will be in season or did I miss something else? And I don't people will hate the Heat at all. I think everyone will love them. People just wanted to say/pretend they hated them when everyone signed there. I honestly don't think they'll become the team to hate. The reason we hate the Lakers (and former Bulls) is because they have hateable players. Wade, LeBron and Wade are all super likeable. I can't wait!

  2. My number 1: Pooping all over Fats' Mouth when the Raptors make the playoffs next year.. hahaha, tasty!

  3. Miller Regent you are so dilisonal about the Raptors this season. I know they are your favorite team and all, but you should be a little realistic about this season. Besides, even if they make the playoffs it will only be because every other team fighting for spots 7 and 8 suck equally as bad. The East only has 6 good teams. The other two spots will only be taken by default.

  4. HAHAHA!!, you thought I was serious?? Didn't you see where I had them in my rankings?? I think I had them like 10th or 11th in the east, which might be on the optimistic side of realistic.. but it's realistic. Is it delusional to think that a young, athletic team surprises people and prevents themselves from being the worst team in their conference?? Plus, why do I have to be realistic about my favorite team? If anything, I think it's good to be overly optimistic about your faorite team because then you actually get excited to watch them in the coming season. Furthermore, you are guilty of arguably worse delusional thinking.. Is Dallas even a championship contender?? Maybe a second round playoffs contender at best..(they can't even get that far when they have the number 1 seed!! sorry.. cheap shot, but it had to be done)