Friday, September 3, 2010

New Jerseys. Really?

5 teams unveiled new jerseys for the upcoming season. Let's check them out then rate them.

Look, I know your best player EVER just left, but did you really need to make your jerseys look worse? Does anyone prefer Arial font over stylized writing? Rating: Barf

Red-Blue+White-Clippers+Los Angeles. Real clever. Rating: Was that really worth the effort?

Green, gold and blue don't go together. They just don't. Rating: They tried to add colour but it looks dumb. Props to the "Jazz note" and going back to your roots, but if you were just gonna' go back to your old jerseys, why not back to the old colours which actually do look good together? (purple instead of blue)

Wow, you went from dark blue to baby blue! Rating: Did you hire the same guy that designed the Clippers new jerseys? (However, I do prefer baby blue to dark blue. Listen up Utah!)

By far the coolest of the newly released jerseys. Orange and blue look disgusting together (yes, I'm talking to you Thunder and Bobcats). Blue and yellow look awesome together. Just ask The Used. And bridges are ALWAYS neat. Rating: Best Warriors jersey in decades!


  1. Nice ratings T-wah! I never would have thought to have done a post like that one. None of the changes are all that spectacular, but I do like both the Warrior's and the Jazz's new jerseys. I think the whole retro thing is getting a bit old, but those two look really cool. I agree that the Jazz colors aren't the greatest, but I love the actual logo with the music note. Also bridges are always neat! I love the Mavs, but their new jersey isn't that great. I really like the green alternate one's that they have. I agree that the Cleveland one's suck, and the Clipper's jerseys really didn't change that much. Overall they're kind of disappointing.

  2. So far in my life bridges have never let me down. And the streak continues. Definitely an upgrade from that blue muscle man holding lightning. Almost makes me want to be a Warriors fan. I would even have a good justification for being a GS fan: growing up I really enjoyed ABC's TGIF lineup which included "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper", whose title character was a former Golden State Warrior. Therefore I'm a fan

  3. Also, the word "Jazz" on their jerseys should be yellow. It bothers me that they forgot to use the 'fill' tool in Paint. It looks unfinished.