Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Least Favourite Team

Even though I have posted 3 of the last 4 posts, it doesn't mean I have to wait around. The offseason is an ugly time of year. Actually, it's the most beautiful time of year in the northern hemisphere but it's the time of year when NBA fans have the least to talk about (d'uh), which makes it socially and emotionally ugly. Now that all, or most, of the fun trades and signings have already happened we're left trying to talk ourselves into being MLB fans, or hardcore NFL fans. While I enjoy watching a few games, or highlights, here or there, I can't honestly say that I really care about A-Rod or Michael Vick. So, in memory of crapiness, I bring "Least Favourite Team":

First of all, why the name Bobcats? This is the NBA, not the NFL or MLB. We give teams weird/cool/funny/historic names, not animal names (I know we have animal names too, but I don't like them...well, except I do like the Hornets). If you're a baseball team, then you call your team a bird and everyone's happy. If you're a football team, choose a scary animal. If you're a basketball team, do something funny...Knickerbockers, Celtics, Magic, Nets, Nuggets, Clippers, Spurs. You already have the Panthers in Carolina and the Jaguars not very far away. According to my favorite website, "The bobcat, an expert at survival according to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, is athletic, fierce and an indigenous predator to the Carolinas. Charlotte, already being home to the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, made the cat-related name a natural choice for the area's new basketball team." Once again, way to be creative NBA. The other two choices were apparently the Flight and the Dragons. You can't tell me you wouldn't love to see the Dragons and the Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals.

Blue and orange...has anyone ever heard of the New York Knicks? Didn't they already claim those colours as their own like 700 years ago? Are there really not enough colors in the world to avoid using the exact same two colours as one of the most historic teams in the league?

Michael Jordan owns the Bobcats. I'm a Jazz fan. Jordan loves himself. I don't like cocky. I don't like the 'Cats. It's simple logic.

So the Bobcats have only ever had two good players; both of whom could still be debatable as being any better than  "good." Emeka Okafor won the Rookie of the Year in 2005. Have you seen him do anything since then? Gerald Wallace made the Eastern All-Star team in 2010. Is he fun to watch? Of course. Is he a good leader of an NBA team? I guess he got them to the playoffs. That says something...but then they got swept (I guess you could throw Stephen Jackson and Tyson Chandler into that conversation if you really wanted to). Since joining the league, the Bobcats record is .382. 2010 was their only season above .500.

And they drafted this guy.....


  1. My favorite part about this article was learning that Troy hates cocky.

  2. You don't care about me T-wah?
    Andy "A-rod" Jensen

  3. Well its about time I made a freaking comment on this website. My first favorite thing is that faggot with the mustache that is actually a basketball player and my second favorite thing is how Andy likes to give himself nicknames that Ive never heard of before. hahaha

  4. I've been caught in my own words. He was well-known as A-Rod in high school, most notably by Kieran Harding. Thanks friends, for visiting and commenting.

  5. Yeah there are other people commenting. It sure is about time. I love it that you hate the bobcats that much t-wah. Most ofther people don't care about them at all, but you have a deep hatred. Could you really imagine them as the Charlotte Dragons? I guess you'd probably like their colors a bit better at least!