Thursday, September 8, 2011

Part 4: The Chicago Bulls

My wife got mad at me the other day for using the word penis too much in my blog posts. Since she hates basketball I am surprised that she even read the pads. But she is probably right. In the last 5 posts the word penis was probably the most used out of any individual word. And of those penis appearances, many related to Cam's penis and Greg Oden only knows how embarassing it is to have your penis all over the internet. So as a warning to all you pad lovers, expect less penises popping up on the pads in the future. On that note, many things have happened in the last week. School started. The NFL just kicked off (literally, I just watched the kickoff). Andrea Bargnani pretty consistently grabbed double digit rebounds in the Euro tournament. Valanwanker has made the most out of his extra alotment of minutes at the euros and has already shown that he can play with the big boys. AND the NBA has increased their labor talks which is a good sign. There have been many hints that these talks are promising and the likelihood of an NBA season has gone from 10% to 90%. I'm excited.

So what does this all mean for the cinderella chicago bulls? Nothing much. I think of all the teams the Bulls probably wouldn't be affected whether there was an NBA season or not. The players aren't aging and they are all pretty much under longish term contracts. The only thing might be that they would lose some momentum gained from last years dramatic turnaround, the MVP and Coach of the year award. There is lots to debate about the Bulls but not much will change for them going into the future so this might be one of the least exciting previews but one of the most debatable.

Current Situation: It has been widely documented that the Bulls need a shooting guard of the likes of Ray Allen. But couldn't every single team in the NBA use Ray Allen? Even the Lakers (not to replace Kobe but to play with him.). I agree with the idea that the bulls need a shooter to an extent. Yes they need a knock down shooter, but don't they need a shooter AND pseudo creator to take the load off of Rose? Someone like Joe Johnson (but not Joe Johnson). This is why the Bulls had high interest in Demar Derozan. He is a good mid range shooter who can somewhat create plays and get to the line with lots of room to grow.

Here's a question: If Lebron had stayed in cleveland and had the exact same stats as those he had in Miami, would he have won his third straight MVP? The answer is YES! So The Bulls have a pseudo-MVP, a defensively defficient all-star PF and a borderline all-star C. I just don't see this team ever being a contender unless they get another allstar player and I can't decide whether it has to be a BIG or a WING. This team is just a strange mix that seems to work out.

Moving Forward: It's hard to improve on the best record in the league and Chicago won't. Barring any major trades after the lockout the Bulls will wind up second in the east. Miami will be better next year and I don't think anyone will catch them. At this point they have to either find a diamond in the second round next year  or make a steal of a trade if they want to contend with miami. If they could swing a deal with the Rockets in the likes of Boozer and a shooting guard for Martin and Scola then the bulls might be set to seriously contend. Sadly the bulls would probably have to give up Deng in that deal to make it work, which wouldn't be worth it.

On the flip side, the bulls could just sit pretty and consistently make it deep in the playoffs, which isn't a bad plan. This way they have a good chance of catching a break every year and going all the way. You never know what could happen in the playoffs.

I can't decide if I like the bulls or not. I hate Boozer and Noah but like Rose and Deng but if Full team trades (coaches included) were possible, I would trade the raptors for the bulls in a second.

Stay tuned for the Cavaliers preview from The Grey coloured Nathan.


  1. may favorite part is that picture of Dr. Zoidberg

  2. Pro Sport Lockouts pretty much are the most ridiculous things. Here's how I understand it:

    NBA players: Hey owners you make tons of money, give us more!
    NBA owners: We have money, but it costs a butt-load money to run a NBA team incase you haven't noticed by looking at your contracts.
    NBA players: So? We want more money.

    So I've pretty much stopped caring for NBA while they are in lockout mode. I check in to see the pics of Sam Cassel in alien-related situations.
    I wonder what this whole lockout do to the sports world? Its my belief that the 2004 NHL lockout caused the ascension of sports talk radio and poker to prime time television. Two things which make me want to watch Antoine Walker highlights.

  3. I think that is a really good point Razr about what it will do to the sports world as a whole, but I'm not sure the NBA will have too much of an impact, especially in Canada. What it might do is to finally increase the presence of the NHL in the US, especially if the NBA isn't back by the time the NFL finishes up. There won't really be anything until baseball starts up again in the spring, and if the NHL plays their cards right it could have a huge benefit from no NBA. Until the NFL is over though, I don't think the NHL will gain all the much. Americans love their football too much.

    I'm also with you on the talk radio and poker on TV thing. I enjoy listening to talk radio, but why the heck do I want to watch a couple of ugly guys talk into a microphone and not do anything. I'm sure poker is fun for some people too, but IT'S NOT A SPORT SO DON'T SHOW IT ON A SPORTS STATION!!!!! Just something that I think a few people missed!

    PS - this is Fats, just incase it doesn't say so. There seems to be some problem with my account and for some reason it's saying this post is from anonymous. We'll see what happens.