Thursday, April 14, 2011

MGD, Miller's Genuine Draft

It's been far too long since I last posted. My only excuse is that I've been way to busy learning to be a drug dealer, but since I'm posting this during Final exams my excuse is pretty much invalid. So I won't give you pad followers any excuse for my laziness. You can just deal with it.

Yesterday I had a good memory. It was of a time when a whole slew of us were gathered at The Grey Nathan/Fats' pad. When suddenly about 10 of us broke into jumping in a tight group in one location on the main floor. This location happened to be right above fats' room. The excessive vibration from the excessive activity caused a light fixture to excessively wiggle. Naturally, Fats ran up stairs screaming bloody murder. So we limited the jumping somewhat.

I share this story with you because it's funny how Fats completely lost it. But it is also a perfect illustration of my feelings right now with the NBA.

First, the jumping and excitement is how I feel about the state of the NBA. This almost goes without saying, but this years NBA playoffs are going to be probably one of the greatest post seasons of our lifetimes. Chicago, Miami, Boston, L.A. and San Antonio all have probably an equal chance of winning the title. It all comes down to matchups and who makes their shots. All of the teams have their weaknesses and teams that they matchup well or terrible against. Which makes this years playoffs all the more exciting. There is so much talent in the league that every series is watchable. I can't wait for it all to begin. And for the record, I am picking Miami over Lakers in 6. Maybe if you comment I will give you a more lengthy explanation as to how I came to this prediction.

Second, The pure rage and completely "lost-it-ness" that Fats so gracefully demonstrated in the above story is how I feel about the NBA reffing. It's TURRIBLE!!! Whenever the raptors announcers mention how DeRozan will get more calls in the future if he keeps driving to the hoop and gains recognition I loose it! Shouldn't the game be called fair? Shouldn't the same contact to a superstar be called to anyone driving the lane that gets hit? It just makes the game unfair and closer to fixed WWE wrestling matches than professional sports. Sorry to ruin the surprise for all you WWE fans, but it's not real. Don't believe me? watch this. When refs are involved in gambling fraud or overheard telling a coach they will give them a "make up" call for an earlier missed call there is something wrong. I feel like there should be something done about this situation, but I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

I guess the good thing about the horrendous officiating is that it made me really think about why I love the NBA. I mean, through all of the unfairness and games ultimately decided by a horrible call, i still love to watch. It comes down to the game itself. It is something that is hard to master, putting a ball through a hoop only marginally bigger than the ball while opposing, bigger players try to stop you from doing it. On a nightly basis in the NBA you get to see people come as close to humanly possible to mastering this craft and mastering this craft requires skills that are only posessed by a handful of people in the world. So every night the NBA presents a demonstration of things that cannot be done by normal people, like flying through the air for a dunk or hitting the extended 3 pointer with ease. These things are hightened come playoff time and I they make me want to jump around and make unnecessary noise. I just hope the officiating doesn't mess it up or I might lose my mind (like Fats) and yell at myself for jumping around and being excited for baskteball's WWE tournament.

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  1. HAHA that video is hilarious. Today I was thinking about how much I wish I could run the Miller Regent - Grey Nathan pick and roll. But now I'm wishing we could run the Miller Regent - Grey Nathan serpent hypnosis move! haha. That's so hilarious.
    I love MR posts. I especially love that Fats story that I forgot about. haha. He was so mad. And probably rightfully so.
    I was coming on here to make my own post, because I've been as absent as Miller Regent and also decided to make a comeback during finals. I hope to make a post as soon as I'm done this comment.