Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ultimate Favorites

This is going to be a short post, but I feel like it would be a good idea if all of the contributors (Grey, Miller, T-Wah and I) all state for the record our favorite teams from the four major American Sports Leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB) and the CFL (for the needed Canadian content) with a short description of why we like them/have them as our favorite team. No need to get in depth, but there should be some kind of explanation here. If anyone else who reads the Padsb wants to join in, feel free, but this is a challenge to all of my other writers to get back on the website. Here we go:

NBA - Dallas Mavericks

I first liked them because they had my favorite player on the team (Michael Finley) and the tallest player in the league (Shawn Bradley) which I thought was great, even though I later learned that he was terrible! They then got Dirk, Mark Cuban bought the team and they've been great ever since. I've had some rough times with them (the first years of liking them were awful, the 2006 Finals, the 2007 upset) but I love them!

NFL - Minnesota Vikings

I have a few reasons for why they're my favorite team. First if that purple is my favorite color, and even if their shade of purple wasn't my favorite, I had to like them. Then they had Dante Culpepper, Chris Carter and Randy Moss, three great players, and that made me like them even more. My liking of them has progressed so far that I could keep them as my favorite even when Brett Favre, one of my least favorite players, was on the team.

NHL - Edmonton Oilers

I've finally decided after a few years that the Oilers really are my favorite NHL team. I tend to cheer for any Canadian team (except the Leaft, who I hate for some reason) but the Oilers have finally risen to the top. They are from my birth city, and I was drawn to them because of the success they had in the 80s, giving them some good history. They're pretty crappy right now, but that doesn't really matter to me, even if that will cause trouble in my house, with my wife being a Flames fan!

MLB - Philadelphia Phillies

This is also a very recent decision. Although I do enjoy the Blue Jays, because of their Canadian connection, I again felt that I needed to cheer for a team with a long and dignified history. A quick wikipedia search showed that they were the oldest continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in all of pro sports (they've been around since 1883!). I also chose them because they have good pitching (especially Doc) and some good hitters (like Ryan Howard). I know that I don't have a close connection to this team yet, but I'm going to work on it during the next few summers.

CFL - Edmonton Eskimos

My reasons for them are pretty similar to the Oilers. That was where I was born and I just feel that I have to cheer for them.

So there you have it. I know that this is a basketball website, but I felt that we really needed to get back in to writing, and this seems like a pretty easy way to do it. Now Grey, Miller and T-wah, get writing! If the guy's who's in grad school, works and has a baby can do this, so can you!


  1. In the same respective order:

    Utah Jazz - When I first started following the NBA closely, they had the greatest duo in pro sports (Stockton & Malone) as well as making it to the finals in consecutive years AND they were purple; also my favorite colour.

    Minnesota Vikings - Can't say I've ever CLOSELY followed the NFL but once again, they're purple and my high school mascot was the Viking...a match made in heaven. Plus they used to be pretty good.

    Calgary Flames - This is a recent switch (within the last 2-3 years). They're the hometown team; 3 hour drive from my hometown and now only 2 hours from my current home. Previously it was the Colorado Avalanche, where my 2 favorite players played at the time: Roy and Sakic. Since I can no longer name a single Avalanche player, I knew it was time to switch.

    Toronto Blue Jays - Initially because they won the World Series 2 years in a row when sports started to mean something to me as a kid. Now, because I lived in/near Toronto for 2 years for a time and also sang the national anthems at the game during that time (my claim to fame).

    Calgary Stampeders - Because they're good (except during the playoffs, haha) and because I occasionally listen to their live radio broadcasts in my car. And, they're close to home, obviously.

    Come on Fats, isn't having a full-time job sort of a good excuse for not writing recently? How many of you have one of those? (I will give you credit for the baby, however, haha).

  2. I'll throw mine into the mix...

    NBA - Toronto Raptors, followed by the Boston Celtics. This has been a tough year being a Raptors fan. It's getting hard to watch, but somehow I still keep watching. I'm glad the Celtics are kicking butt though. I want to pay more attention to them but we don't get very many of their games on tv. Maybe I'll start watching on the internet

    NFL - Minnesota Vikings. I loved that day when we discovered they were all of our favorite team. This year I came close to ditching them though. At the beginning of the season I decided to pay more attention to the NFL and follow the Vikings closely. But then that idiot Favre pretty much ruined the whole season. Not pretty much, actually. He made them miserable to follow. I wanted to give up on the team completely, but I figure (hope) Favre will be gone for good this offseason. And I am still in love with Peterson. And good old Percy and Rice. I hope they'll turn it around next season.

    NHL - A couple years ago I picked the Canadiens pretty much randomly (it was based on the fact that I liked the kids book "The Hockey Sweater"), and I've started to follow them sort of closely. But lately I've had a longing to be a flames or oilers fan. Mostly because I have no connection to Montreal, and Alberta is my home. And if I had to pick one of the two, I'd go with Calgary cus it's only 2 hours away, and also I've only ever been to Edmonton a few times in my life. So I still like Montreal, but I'm going to try to replace them (or at least put them at the same level) with Calgary.

    MLB - Toronto Blue Jays. Canada's team. I actually followed them last summer. And I enjoyed it. I've liked baseball on and off during my life, and at this point it's on. I remember Fats and I were big into the Sammy Sosa - Mark Mcguire race back in the day. That was exciting. This season it was pretty exciting that Bautista led the league in homers. I hope to follow them even closer next summer.

    CFL - Calgary Stampeders. Same reasons as Troy. And I love their red jerseys. And Troy and I want to piss all over Saskatchewan. haha. Sorry Miller Regent. But actually I don't like Sask. Their fans are scary. Kind of like Raiders fans. They were crazy at last year's grey cup. Trash talking the whole time. I was so happy they had the biggest screw up of all time. Everyone was silent on the way out.

  3. I've been thinking about about Patty's pads recently so I thought I would put in my two blades. . .

    NBA-Toronto Raptors. I got a Raptors hat for Christmas during their first season and since that they've been my favourite team. I've liked other teams but they've always been my favourite. But right now all I can say is that at least they're not cleveland

    NFL-Chicago Bears. Two reasons. 1.Dick Butkus 2.In grade 11 I was given this old Chicago Bears sweatshirt that a couple of the gr. 12ers found in the locker room. I got to wear in grade 12 and got to pass it on to someone else at the end of the year.

    NHL- Edmonton Oilers. Well I've never liked Calgary and Wayne Gretzky played for them. But after the mission I started playing hockey and loved it. Then the Oilers had there playoff run in '06 and then I was cemented in as an Oilers fan.

    MLB-Toronto Bluejays. They are Canada's team so if I had to choose, it would be them. I hate watching baseball but it does have its exciting moments.

    CFL-Edmonton Eskimoes. The first time I ever watched a CFL game, Henry 'Gizmo' Williams ran back a kick-off or punt, I don't remember which, scored a touchdown and then did a flip in the endzone after he crossed the line. As a little kid it was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

  4. I liked Razr's reasons. .... we should have a Patrick's Pads segment called Razr's Reasons. I don't know what it would be about, but it would be cool I'm sure.
    Anyway, I have an idea. Since I started off my career as a sports fan by being a fan of individual players, I thought it would be cool to post my (/our) favorite players currently, and of all time. So I'm going to do that.

    NBA - currently- There are a bunch of guys I love to watch. It's hard to name just one, since this is the league I love the most and the one I know tons about. So I'll name a few. Obviously Blake Griffin is awesome. I also love watching Rondo, Derrick Rose, Lebron. I like Durant but I don't actually like how he looks when he plays. He's kinda hunched and doesn't really have a neck. But I like that he's good and humble. And one of my current favorites is also my all time favorite: Ray Allen. I love watching him shoot. When they play the Raptors I scream at the tv when he's about to take a shot. But when they're playing anyone else, I get my fist ready to pump.
    NBA - all time - Ray Allen and Scottie Pippen. I loved Pippen. I love that he didn't really fit into any position. He was just a basketball player who could do pretty much anything.

    NFL - current - Adrian Peterson. He's so awesome to watch. And he's one of the only reasons I could watch any of their games this year. I love him as much as I hate Favre. He's so strong and fast, and he makes cuts the way I feel like everyone should but only he can. Fun to watch.
    NFL - all time - Randy Moss - He's a total idiot, but he's the reason I liked the Vikings in the first place.

    NHL - I don't think I could name an all time favorite. But currently you gotta love Crosby. And I also like Iginla, cus he looks cool, is good, and is well-spoken.

    MLB - all time- I remember loving Kenny Lofton (I think that's his name... haha). He played for the Cleveland Indians (my joke favorite team, because I have one of their felt triangles that you put on the wall) and he would always make awesome catches in the outfield.
    MLB- current - I guess Jose Bautista, cus he reignited my interest in baseball last summer.

    CFL.... I don't know. Henry Burress.... I need to learn more about the CFL. my all time favorite coach is definitely Pinball Clemons.

    Also, does everyone have a favorite NCAA team? I don't, but I'd like one. I've been thinking maybe Kansas (cus they are the Jayhawks, and so is Alexandra Junior High School), or Indiana (cus I love the movie Hoosiers). I'm leaning towards Kansas cus I remember watching their championship game in high school at RJ's house, and Heinrick and Collison were playing. And at the time Heinrick and I had the same hair style and played the same position. So that's pretty cool. I think I just decided on Kansas.

  5. I thought about Grey's post last night and I think I have actually come up with an all time and current favorite player for each of the major leagues. I'll go in the same order to keep things easier to figure out.

    Current Favorite - I'd have to go with Dirk for this one, but like Grey there are lots of guys I love to watch. Griffen, LeBron, Ray Allen, Dwight Howard. I'd stick with Dirk though because I love it when he get's going with his shot. Sometimes it looks so goofy and it seems like there's no way it's going in, yet it still does. It's also sweet to see this big 7 footer stop on a dime and pop off a 3 that makes a big swish.

    All Time - I'd have to go with Michael Finley, although I don't really remember why. I just remember that he was my favorite player when I picked the Mavs as my favorite team, and it really hurt seeing him go to the Spurs.

    Current - Like Grey I'd have to go with Adrian Peterson. He's such a beast when he gets going cause he's so strong and fast, which usually doesn't go together.

    All Time - I had a little trouble with this one but then I decided that I loved Ray Lewis. I know he's still playing, but he's great. Nothing like a good defense and some sacks to get you going.

    Current - I'd probably have to go with Ovechekin. I like Crosby too, and more so after the Olympics, but watching Ovie is great. I also like Eric Staal, partly because he seems like a nice guy, partly because he's got my name, and partly because his brother is Cabbie!

    All Time - I had no idea who my all time favorite was until I remember a former goalie named Dominik Hasik! He was awesome back in the day and even though I didn't like watching hockey, I loved seeing some of the saves he made!

    Current - I love Doc Halliday. Again he's just such a nice guy, but he's simply amazing. That perfect game he threw last year cemented him as my favorite and was one of the reasons I had to pick the Phillies as my new team.

    All Time - It's got to be Joe Carter, as I don't really know/remember many other older guys. I remember where I was when he hit that homerun to win the series for Toronto, and I remember that it was sweet!

    Current - This was by far the hardest choice. I don't pay that much attention to the CFL and besides that quarterbacks, not many players get much coverage. I guess I would pick Chip Cox (he's a Linebacker for Montreal) because I've seen some of his highlights on TSN and he looks really good!

    All Time - Again I don't know many older players, but I'm gonna have to pick Warren Moon, even though he played before I was born and I've never seen a game of his. He won 5 consecutive Grey Cups for Edmonton and then had a Hall of Fame career in the NFL. He's gotta be the best!

    As for my favorite NCAA team, a while back I decided that I would cheer for the Wisconsin Badgers, partly because of their name ("We don't need no stinking badgers!") and partly because they had some good basketball players. I'm not too into the NCAA until March Madness, but I think I'll stick with the Badgers (plus they have a pretty good football team).

  6. Haha, Razr's Reasons is a hilarious name for a column, whatever it might be.

    My turn...
    NBA - Current: D-Will (although Griffin is slowly taking over). All-time: John Stockton

    NFL - Current: Troy Polamalu. All-time: Steve Young

    NHL - Current: Crosby. All-time: Patrick Roy

    MLB - Current: Doc Holliday or Joe Mauer. All-time: Also Joe Carter

    CFL - Current: Ken-Yon Rambo (as if that's his real name!!) or actually probably Ben Cahoon. All-time: Doug Flutie (Flakes)

    NCAA: Other than the obvious BYU choice, Boise State. I've never really latched onto a college team.