Thursday, November 25, 2010

Finals and Favorite Teams Predictions

16 days since the last post... I think that's a record. I still check out the pads virtually everyday and I figured it's about time I post something.

So far this season has been interesting. The most notable surprise has to be the mediocre performance by the Heat. Are they even better than last years team featuring Jermaine O'neal's corpse, Michael Beasley smoking too much weed and D-Wade? And how about those Raptors? I just have to mention that so far so good on my preseason prediction. They definitely are not the worst team in the league. In fact, they may wind up in the hunt for the 8th playoff spot... that race in the east might be between 8 teams, but still. Plus, if Andrea Bargnani continues on his tear of 28 pts/gm over the last 5 games.. I will officially admitt I was wrong about the guy. Last night against the Sixers and Sunday against the Celtics Bargnani quite honestly looked like a young Dirk Nowitzky and I wouldn't be surprised if Bargs made the allstar team this year.

I figure that we have seen enough basketball to make educated predictions on who will make the finals as well as predict where our favorite teams will end up. If we wait any longer to make these predictions then they won't be as exciting because usually by January predictions are easy to make (except for the West playoff positions).

Here's how I see it. The Finals: Lakers vs. Bulls Lakers in 5

Why?: I almost put the Jazz vs bulls because one, it would be hilarious seeing the jazz vs jazz 2.0 in the finals and two, I realized recently that if the Lakers lose Gasol to injury, they don't have a chance.. they are deep everywhere but in their bigs and Bynum is already out. I think the Jazz are the second best team in the West (mainly because I can never support, cheer for or predict good things for the spurs).

Also, The bulls are my favorite in the East because the combination of Rose, Boozer and Noah seems seems awesome to me and good enough for second best in the east. Second to the Celtics, but the Celtics seem to be having a bad stretch of injury problems and due to their age, I'm betting on a key player or two being out for the playoffs.

And for my favorite team prediction?.. The Raptors will be 38-44, 9th in the East. Not to shabby considering everyone wrote them off to start the season. But the raptors beat the Celtics for the first time in 12 meetings on sunday and they have a couple of really good trade assests. Reggie evans is an expiring contract and a league leader in rebounds and Peja Stojakovic is also an expiring contract worth 15 million who is a great player for a contender or a team looking to free up cap space for next year. Together that's 20 million in expiring deals plus they are two players of value who teams have to take a look at.

Well, that's it for my predictions... for all of you Pads followers, I wanna know what your predictions are. Who's gonna be in the finals and why? And how is your favorite team going to do this year?

I'm Miller Regent... The end.


  1. So I guess I'll get this started off. My Finals prediction is a repeat of last years finals between the Lakers and the Celtics with the Lakers winning 4-2. I think the Lakers are going to be a pretty popular pick to come out of the West, although I do think that they'll be challenged by a lot of good teams who just aren't great yet. As for the East, I was sold on the Celtics after watching the first game of the year against the Heat. I thought that game really seemed like a playoff game, which is when the Celtics are at their best. Their defense is solid, they play like a whole, and I think their bench guys are a great compliment to their stars (which now includes Rondo with the Big 3).
    For the Mavs, I'm going to put them at 54-28 and 3rd in the West, which after the Lakers is again going to be very close. I think they're a good team, especially after adding Chandler, which I actually thought was secondary to the continued integration of Butler and Haywood. I think they can make it out of the first round this year, but I think both the Lakers and Jazz are probably just a little bit better. I do hope, however, that I'm wrong in the good way!

  2. I didn't even notice there was a new post on the pads. I usually check it on my phone, but I think my phone is slow at updating it or something. Anyway, I'm writing an essay in the library right now, so I shouldn't get into too much detail, but I agree with Fats' picks. I think it'll be a Celtics-Lakers finals again, which is always fun. But I think the Celtics will take it this year. Yes the lakers are a little better than last year, but so are the Celtics. And they were up 13 in the third quarter of game 7. If they didn't lose Perkins they probably would have won the series. So I think they'll be mega motivated in the playoffs this year.
    Also, I think it's neat that the Raptors have the exact same record as they had at this point last year, 7-11. Its also cool that that's a store. Also, it's neat that losing Bosh wasn't that big of a deal, at least so far. I love watching them this year. They usually try really hard - except for in washington and against atlanta... only 2 real duds, which is less than I'm used to. They're still frustrating at times, but I'm excited about them. I think 9th in the east is a pretty good prediction.
    I wrote more than I should have.
    Patrick's Pads > Renaissance Drama

  3. Lately, I've been wondering why there has been little action on the pads. But then I realized everyone else is in school and its the end of the semester. But I am not in school and have 2 part-time jobs. I guess I need to be more patient.

    So, the Western Conference. I hate to say it, but I think . . . actually, I won't say it. I won't say that that my least favourite NBA state will produce this season's Western Conference champions. I won't say that the Mavs and Spurs (lets call them Spavs since I hate the both of them) are playing really well or that they might just separate themselves from the other teams, that is only if the Lakers can't stay healthy. If they do, they will also be in contention. Everyone else is playing for 4th place which last time I checked means nothing.

    The Eastern conference is in a similar situation. Two teams are leading the way, the Celtics and the Magi. Yes Magi. It is Christmas after all. The Heat, Hawks and maybe, dare I say, the Knickerbockers, (I do dare, Knickerbockers), will chase the Celtics and Magi but will not succeed. Except the Heat. They are the only team who could upset the Celtics or Magi in the playoffs.

    So my prediction is . . .
    Celtics over Spurs in 6.
    Why Celtics? They are the beast from the east.
    Why Spurs? Cause I think they will beat the Lakers in the Conference final and that the Lakers will beat the Mavs (Sorry Fats they just ain't gonna do it).

    As for my favourite team and animatronic dinosaur in Jurassic Park, the Velociraptors, I will wax more optimistic. They will make the playoffs albeit in 8th spot to be quickly disposed by the Celtics.

    Merry Christmas to all you Paddies out there. Church ball anyone?

  4. I like those predictions Razr, if I were to re-do my predictions in any way they would probably look alot like yours.
    So this is the trade chatter I've heard around the Raptors. 1) Peja for Iguodala. 2)Peja for Melo 3)Something for Mayo 4) something for Cousins.
    I think the Melo trade would be the Cat's Meow. Peja for any good to great player would be awesome too. Cousins would be a bad trade.

    I'm in for some church ball, just let me know a couple days in advance so I can plan for it.

  5. I forgot to say: A Mayo Trade for say, Alabi and Wright would be the best for the raptors

    also, alot of these trades are pretty unrealistic but it's fun to fantasize

  6. I'm afriad that I can't see Melo going to the Raptors. I think the other trades may have some kind of possibility, but probably won't happen either. Razr I had no idea you hated the Texas teams. Do you also hate the Rockets, cause that would be a little unfair if you don't! I'm still sticking with my previous prediction of Lakers-Celtics, but I'm starting to get my hopes up for the Mavs. They are playing great right now and I agree with Razr that they're up in the top 3 in the West, with everyone else chasing them. Also get ready for another post from me sometime soon, cause I've got some things to write about.

    PS - Where's T-wah? He's the only one of us not in school, yet we don't have his predictions

  7. I need to say this somewhere so I'm going to say it here. I really like that the Knicks are good again. I loved those Knicks teams in the '90s. Felton and Stoudemire are awesome, but if either of them get injured, like Amar'e is wont to get, the Knicks are screwed.

  8. Do you think that the Knicks are going to get Melo? And if so, will he help them much? I have a feeling that he will end up there eventually this season (cause he's not going to sign with Denver anytime soon) and that he would help. I do have to admit that I was wrong about Amar'e. I totally thought that he was only good because of Nash, but apparently he's just good.

  9. First the bad news....I have not made a post of any kind on "The Pads" since before the first day of the regular season.
    Now, the good news....I'm still alive! I would agree, as the only (except maybe Razr, even though I thought he was) non-student, I would have expected multiple T-Wah posts by now. Sorry friends! I did have a financial planning course that I just finished; I'm also a newly-called EQP, plus the 40 hour work week and the Christmas decorating, shopping, and parties; life is busy.

    Anyway, on to the goods: I can not see any teams other than the Celtics and Lakers in the finals again. I have felt that way since before the season started and no team has changed my mind. Too much experience (including playoff/championship experience) and skill on those teams to think otherwise.

    I'm also hating the Spavs. Not much of a Rockets guy either (other than my 3rd favorite NBA player: Shane Battier). Knicks are WAY surprising. I agree with Fats; I thought Amar'e was good because of Nash. Melo would help the Knicks but he might also cause some confusion for a while, much like the Heat at the beginning of the season. Raptors are a nice surprise. And the Jazz....well, they will do what they do every year: finish in the top 5 in the West. I don't know how to be any more specific than that.

  10. Just so Fats knows, I also don't like the Rockets. I just didn't mention them because they aren't in connection and Kevin Martin has a funny shot. I've liked players that have been on the Rockets, but I've never liked the Rockets. So yes, I do dislike all Texas teams.

    But do you think the Raptors will pick up Yao next season? The Raps do love the foreigners.